I was wondering if anyone else has had to manage school and work; as in 18 credits a semester and actual adult bills, such as car insurance and phone bills, as well as a healthy social life with friends and dating. Cause it is definitely a struggle.

It really sucks that not everyone can qualify for scholarships. Some people don’t have the grades because they’re stuck trying to work instead of homework. Or they’re from a family that falls in a tax bracket that the government classifies as “able to contribute”, so the student can’t get any grants.

I just hope that all the students out there can get the grants, scholarship, and the dreaded loans they need to make their future better.

Does anybody have any stories or advice for trying to make it through college while making enough to pay the bills and save enough to continue their education? Cause any advice for me, and my fellow struggling college students, would be greatly appreciated.


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