Amazing little things…

If there’s one thing that will never cease to amaze me, it’s the fact that someone fell terribly head-over-heals for me of their own free will.

My boyfriend, who is pretty amazing and i love him very much, confessed that he fell hard the first time he woke up next to me, about a week after we became an exclusive couple. For a bit of back story, my boyfriend agreed to tag-along with me and my friend to her property in the middle of nowhere (also known as about 15 miles past Pueblo, CO). We thought it was going to be warm that weekend, even though it was late January.

He apparently fell head-first into love the first morning, after we had gotten to my friend’s house at around 11 and spent the next hour setting up a tent in the breezy dark.

Our 1-year anniversary will be in January, but this December will be a year since we met, but this will be our first Christmas together and I am eternally grateful for him.


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