As I begin to consider a small field of internships available to me, I dread even applying; they will give me much needed experience for my resume, but in the process, I will have to get another job in addition to the internship.

Isn’t that ridiculous? That to even make it in society and in my chosen career, I will need years of experience from internships, many of which are unpaid, and during those internships, I will still have to balance all my regular bills like auto insurance and rent as well as school expenses as there is no way to get an adequate internship without being enrolled in an applicable program.

Not only does this process cause financial issues, but the internships themselves last barely long enough to count as experience;


I can get an internship at with my state’s parks and wildlife division that lasts around 6 months. However, the position I would like to have someday at the zoo as a research associate requires at least 2 years experience in a related field. That means that to have up to 2 years of experience I would need to accumulate around 4 internships during the next two and a half years of my schooling, while also maintaining a full-time position elsewhere to help manage my financial obligations.


Not only is this a stressful decision, but any wrong move I make now can lead to years of even harder work that I will have to struggle through. I welcome any stories of anyone else having to balance work, internships, and school, because I need all the advice I can get right now.


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