Okay, I just don’t get it; people my age are horrible grocery shoppers. Between my best friend and my boyfriend, I almost had an heart attack shopping with them.

Not only do they both believe junk food is cheap, they buy it in horrendous quantities; family-sized packs of Oreos, 24-packs of soda (or pop, however you want to say it), large bags of Doritos or Cheetos or any other chip product. And it’s just for them.

I don’t understand how they go into a store and avoid the produce section, or even the just-add meal section (like hamburger helper meals or things like that). It mystifies me.

It must mystify them too,  because one time I astounded my best friend when she asked me to pick her up groceries. She gave me $50 and just told me to get enough for her to make it through the week. I ended up getting enough for her for 2 and a half weeks for the price of $70; I ended up getting her several frozen meals she would just need to throw in the oven, bagels for breakfast, and various sandwich items. She was astounded that she didn’t need to eat the same thing 4 days in a row for every meal.

Maybe I’m just talented at grocery shopping?


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