Things that make me feel sorry for millenials/gen z kids…

Here’s a short list of things I feel bad about for my generation

  • Our parents never taught us how to budget
  • Our parents never taught us how to use a thermostat
  • Our parents never taught us about contract bills like cable, internet, or phone providers
  • Many of our parents didn’t teach us how to effectively cook
  • Or grocery shop
  • No matter how hard we have to work, we will still be called lazy and entitled

In short, my generation is one of the least prepared to be adults and will constantly be ridiculed for trying to blunder our way through adulthood.

If anyone needs help trying to be 20-something and an adult, please let me know. I had to teach myself how to grocery shop, clean my house, cook, and every other facet of adulthood (except thermostats, those things still intimidate me). I can help with budgets or just general confusion about being independent in this topsy-turvy world.



In the coming months, the world is going to change drastically. If you need help or support or just to vent, whether about your work, your family, or anything on your mind, I am here. Feel free to reach out because I will listen and sometimes that’s the most important thing.

Be strong, and don’t worry. We’re going to make it through the hard times, even if we are afraid of the threats leering at us from the horizon, even the ones we can’t see. We will make it. We have to, because who else is going to appreciate the stars and sunsets and the mountains and the way flowers grow and the snowstorms? And that’s only the beginning of the list of things we can’t miss.


The hardest part of college is balancing a job and school work. Between needing an almost full-time job to pay for school, excluding loans, scholarships, and grants, and needing an extra 5 hours a day to finish all classwork, it’s a wonder how young adults are graduating from college. And then after graduation, finding a career for your degree is even harder as every employer is looking for several years of experience on top of your bachelor’s degree (and even more experience with an associate’s). So it’s almost as if all college students should be given a Time Machine so they can go back in time each day to attend class, work, an internship or two, and finish the day with several hours worth of homework, not to mention any volunteer work or scholarship essays to complete.

I am personally balancing 18 credit hours of work, a part-time job and the struggle of making next semester better so I can get an internship or at least get more hours at work. But I’m also trying to balance getting almost 18-20 credit hours next semester so I can stay on track to graduate by 2021 with my bachelor’s degree. But even after I graduate, I’ll need almost 5 years of experience to even be considered for hire anywhere within my field of study.

So I’m sending good vibes out there for all college students looking for a job, an internship, a way to make it through next semester’s class load, and through the loads of loans you’re racking up. Stay strong, sleep a little more often and eat something other than ramen. If you need to take a day or even an hour to just breathe and ignore the workload, then do it. Amp yourself up to tackle the monster of an essay due next week or to go to your minimum wage job because it will be worth it, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.


I think Colorado has some of the prettiest skies. This was taken up in the Rocky Mountains near Lyons at Camp Dick in Roosevelt National Forest. I was up there yesterday with my boyfriend and some of his co-workers and customers to go off-roading. It’s pretty slow going most of the time so it gives me lots of time to apprieciate the flora. It’s also a nice way to just enjoy someone else’s company.  


So I’ve been thinking about opening an Etsy store or something similar to that. I’m thinking about selling things like 100% cotton washcloths and various cold-weather items like scarves and hats. I use acrylic yarn mostly since it’s afordable for everyone and hypoallegenic. Let me know what you think and if you want to get a sneak peak at some of my work check out my other post here where you can see a couple of my initial pieces. Feel free to leave me comments about what you think!